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Please Print and complete the form and mail it to us sooner, and introduce/copy/distribute it to others.

Full Name: ________________________________________
P.O.Box: ____________   Tel:_________________    E-Mail:_______________________
Address / Country (Optional): _________________________________________________
Membership Types / fee :
  - Honorary Member : Birr 1000 or more/ year
  - Institutional Member : Birr 3000 or more/ year
  - Regular Member : Birr 240 or more/ year
  - Associate Member : Birr 60 or more/ year

I apply for membership as in the following and would like to contribute as a member to advance Ethiopia's Primary Education.
- Honorary
- Institutional
- Regular
- Associate
- Other Contribution than membership fee (as per my personal decision)
I contribute Birr ________________
  Signature :_______________________        Date:___________________
Our Bank Account No. is Dashen Bank, African Unity Branch, Felege-Birhan, AC. No. 7121008. For questions and any additional information please call our contribution coordinators on 09-20-64-77 , 09-40-56-86 , 09-22-61-50 You can also print and mail the form to Felege-Birhan.org, P.O. Box 1775 , Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
You can also visit our site at www.felegebirhan.org


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